Danella Yaptinchay, Founder
Her Why: To empower people to be the best version of themselves so they can contribute to making the world a better place.

Danella cut her professional teeth in hospitality and customer service at Walt Disney World and the Four Seasons. She had extensive exposure to various cultures with her traveling global media sales and journalism job. In the Philippines, she has co-founded four ventures: Full Suite, SPARQ, Homegrown Media, co.lab, all of which have promoted business and entrepreneurship, as well as community-building.

She recently completed the Inner MBA, a certificate program designed to bring more purpose and meaning into the work that we do.

In constant pursuit of balance and self-development, she applies the practices of yoga in her daily life. Her move to a beach side town during the pandemic revived her, and learning to surf reignited her determination to keep improving.

Cielo Dayan
Her Why: To help people find the courage to be comfortable in their own skin and to realize their purpose with faith and confidence.

Cielo is a veteran in operations management, process, and project management. She's usually associated with structure, organization, and order. Most of her occupations have been in this capacity.

Her secret is her love for administrative work, which led her to found JustAsk!, a service provider that handles all the backend processes for a company so its members can focus on their priorities.

Margarita Bamba
Margarita started her professional career doing PR for a global beauty brand. She moved on to sales innovation, account management and chief of staff roles with PwC in New York and Tokyo. She also served as the executive director and board member for an arts nonprofit that supported at-risk youth in New York City. She took time off several years ago to raise her children full-time, and is in the process of shaping her own Career 2.0.
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