8 Jun 2022
The practice of distinguishing what is urgent and important allows us to pause, align the tasks on our task list with our life, and determine if they are really ours to accomplish.
8 Jun 2022
A recent life event turned out to be a lesson that served as a reminder of how I should really spend my time and energy. So when I made a promise to myself to recommit to The Secret Sauce, magic started to happen, especially in the areas of growth and support.
14 Nov 2022
Whether you want to pursue a new career, move to a new place, switch jobs, or set up your rate card, this guide will help you make decisions based on real information instead of simply hoping for the best.
14 Apr 2023
Many of the women who host or are featured on podcasts are successful entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and leaders in their respective industries. Within 30 minutes of listening to their stories, you can gain valuable insights that can potentially illuminate your career path.
6 May 2023
Jonna shares the lessons she learned as a mom re-entering the workforce in New York City.
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