Danella has been a guest of various organizations including Maybank KimEng, Tech in Asia, De La Salle University Philippines, Asia Society Philippines, PLDT, and CNN. Her speaking expertise covers a range of topics including personal transition and transformation, entrepreneurship, and communications.

With her engaging style and thought-provoking questions, Danella leaves her audiences inspired and equipped to embrace their own potential. Her talks empower individuals question the status quo and to take action so that they can carve out the life they want.

Contact us to schedule a talk with Danella or discuss the possibility of a customized presentation tailored to your specific needs.

Possible Topics and Food for Thought
Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential

- Identifying your unique strengths and passions as a potential entrepreneur
- Exploring different avenues to unleash your entrepreneurial  potential
- Developing an action plan to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey

From Executive to Entrepreneur: Navigating the Journey of Transition
- Understanding the key differences between executive roles and entrepreneurship
- Strategies for managing the transition process effectively
- Overcoming challenges and embracing new opportunities as an entrepreneur

Mindset Shift: Embracing Entrepreneurship after a Successful Executive Career
- Recognizing and addressing mindset barriers in transitioning from executive to entrepreneur
- Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset focused on innovation, risk-taking, and resilience
- Embracing a growth mindset to adapt to the challenges and uncertainties of entrepreneurship

Fees and Inclusions
- One 30 minute pre-conference call
- Custom keynote

- Q&A portion

Virtual and in-person speaking fees will be determined after the topic and format are agreed upon.

Cathy, ABBE
The biggest benefit for our Team Leaders today has been the training they attended with The Secret Sauce.

Their level of engagement with our TLs is exemplary. They made sure to understand the expectations of the trainees at the onset, and crafted a customized agenda based on the assessment and geared the training course to what the trainees exactly needed. Would definitely recommend their expertise and level of professionalism to those who want to develop the soft skills of their staff.

Dan helped me become a better communicator and part of the confidence I have now is because she started to believe in me even though I lacked the experience.

Anyone who would work with her or for her should prepare to be challenged because Danella always improves herself, innovates not just professionally but also in her creative career. It was a remarkable time when I had worked under her guidance, even up to now as she remains to be one of my beloved mentors.

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